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c_rberus 12th Aug 2019, 6:01 AM edit delete
you can talk??

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[the cat stares down in shock.
cat: “y… you can talk…”
lamp: “YOU can talk!!”]
[the cat seems perplexed.
cat: “well… yeah, of course i can talk.”]
[the lamp glares.
lamp: “then why is it surprising i can talk?”
cat: “…you’re a lamp?”]
[the lamp shouts, indignant;
lamp: “and you’re a cat!”
the cat replies sagely.
cat: “now, that’s different.”
lamp: “no, it’s not! for crap’s sake.”]
[the lamp shuts their eyes, exasperated.
lamp: “you knock me down on the floor, and now you disrespect me like this.”]
[the cat rolls onto their back, paws in the air, head hanging over the edge of the desk. a goofy grin plasters their face.
cat: “hey, i’m sorry, ok? it’s a cat thing. it’s your fault for being so precariously perched… and so shiny."]
[they look up towards the roof, becoming thoughtful.
cat: "everything’s so dark right now… …how long until it’s daylight, anyway?”
lamp: “i don’t know.”]
[the cat raises their head, confused. the lamp seems pensive.
cat: “…you don’t… know?”
lamp: “… i woke up here, suddenly. a while ago. if i had to guess, probably a few days.”
cat: “’had to guess’?”]
Just a Reader 14th Nov 2021, 4:54 AM edit delete reply
This whole thing jus feels kind of magical looking forward to seeing where it goes
c_rberus 14th Nov 2021, 12:16 PM edit delete reply
super glad you're enjoying it! <3