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[lick, still facing ahead, furrows their eyebrows. dusty replies with shock.
lick: "dusty... we have to go inside."
dusty: "wait what--"
lick: "inside the whale."
dusty: "you... you can't be serious."
lick: "i... i just know we have to, dusty. i know it doesn't make sense--"]
[dusty is angry now.
dusty: "of course it doesn't make sense! look, you're clearly sleep-deprived. i'm just gonna maneuver us through this hurricane of flying fish, the sensible thing to do, and we'll be fine."]
[lick looks at dusty, frustrated.
lick: "you have to trust me--you said that you're here for me! in the forest--you said you were sorry for doubting me!"]
[dusty seems conflicted.
dusty: "i... i did. i know. but do you realize what you're asking of me, lick?"]
[a view of lick's tail, a bit bushed out, partially obscured by the shadow cast by dusty's base.
lick: "we have to trust it!"
dusty: "what's 'it'? the whale? what do you know about what to trust?"
lick: "what do you know?"
dusty: "aren't you the one that wanted all of this, anyway? i thought leaving the tower was ridiculous."]
frankie 29th Aug 2020, 6:56 PM edit delete reply
i swear you can FEEL the tension on this page, i love the dialogue. you can just imagine the way lick must feel being told they're just sleep deprived, that kind of betrayal of trust
c_rberus 29th Aug 2020, 11:13 PM edit delete reply
:3 thank u frankie!