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[lick holds their paw up against the side window, excited.
lick: "i knew it! we're okay!!"
dusty: "but... i-- how? how can you make sense of all this??"
lick: "we don't have to, dusty. i told you we got a lot to learn about this world, remember?"]
[dusty glances skeptically at lick.]
[black abstract fragments travel from the whale's mouth, above the train.]
[it coalesces a ways ahead of them, crashing into the floor and forming a dark vortex.
lick: "look, there!"]
[the vortex quickly grows. lick's tail is straight up, but dusty is staring at lick, shocked.
lick: "i think we just have to get there!"
dusty: "...lick, i don't like this."
lick: "come on, it'll be fine! full steam ahead, rusty!"]
[dusty frowns.
dusty: "no, that's it. i'm putting my foot down. that pool is going to digest us into shadow waste, and we're gonna die."]
[lick is looking straight ahead still, smiling.
lick: "you don't even have feet to put down."
dusty: "i'm serious, lick. i'm turning this casket around."]
[lick finally looks at dusty, frantic.
lick: "wait, DUSTY--"]