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[lick sits for a moment, dazed. across from them, a window betrays that the train has sunk quite a ways; they're still not above water level.
lick: "sorry... tired again. man, if only i could've rested longer down there, haha.]
[dusty is still frowning.
dusty: "maybe you'd get rest if you weren't constantly rushing without regard for your actions."]
[lick looks down at them for a moment, silent but a little disgruntled.]
[they ready themselves to jump again, and make another leap up to the back of the first row of seats.]
[lick re-orients themselves on the seat, while them and dusty are exchanging angry looks.
lick: "maybe i'm not the one here who should be thinking about their actions."
dusty: "i wasn't the one who honestly believed we could track down a flaming gas ball in the sky."]