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c_rberus 21st Nov 2020, 2:58 PM edit delete
been a little while, hope everyone reading is safe. i've been having a rough go of it myself, but trying to get back in the swing of things

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[lick, pausing to look down at dusty, brow quirked skeptically.
lick: "... you're your OWN gas ball. what would you know?"]
[dusty raises their voice.
dusty: "y'know what i know? i'm gonna tell you."]
[lick, jumping up to the next seat while dusty rants.
dusty: "we haven't seena nything but unabashed abysses and creatures beyond our comprehension. we haven't found another living soul or even so much as a star in the sky, let alone our sun. what do i know? that the sun. is. gone."]
[lick stops. dusty softens.
dusty: "...face it, lick."]
[lick stares vacantly. the panel breaks apart around them.
lick: "i left you, dusty."]