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[lick seems horrified. dusty is perplexed.
dusty: "--you. what?"]
[lick puts dusty down, stepping back to look at them directly.]
[they have a weird look on their face, glaring downward, as if lost in thought.
lick: "at the watertower... by the cave..."]
[the panel lurches, their fur flaring as they yell, almost while smiling.
lick: "i LIED! you really don't know anything, do you, haha!"]
[lick is screaming now, their face furious. dusty is aghast.
lick: "i abandoned you when i saw those... those things! they were... they were drowning you, and i just... left you. i only came back after i found the train. i just... walked away. i was a coward."]
[dusty is silent still.
lick: "they only notice us because of YOUR light. you haven't realized? ...most of them just want your light. they go through me to get to you."]
[lick is snarling.
lick: "feel like you know everything yet? how's it feel, how's it feel to be the only beacon of light left in this world?"]