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[the cat seems pensive, their head rested on their paws.
cat: “i just woke up there. i haven’t… had time to think. i just wanted to get out of the dark.”]
[the lamp stares at them, dumbfounded.
lamp: “wow, alright. i uh, guess you win in the wild backstory department. i won’t even bother telling mine.”]
[the cat drapes their paws over the edge of the desk, amused.
cat: “no, no, go on. you gotta try, at least.”
lamp: “ok… fine. like i said… i’ve been awake a while, stuck in this room.
i don’t know east from west. i don’t know what’s off in the distance. all i can see is what the lightning shows when it storms.
mountains, mountains, mountains… that’s all.”]
[the cat tips their head curiously, grinning widely.
cat: “…is that why you’re so flithy? because you haven’t moved?”]
[the lamp shouts back, their mouth open comically wide.
lamp: “YOU try keeping dust off your body when you can’t move!”]
[the cat laughs.
cat: “dusty! you’re a dusty boy!”]
[the lamp becomes quiet, averting their gaze.
lamp: “ugh, don’t call me boy.”]
[the cat stands, leaning over the edge of the desk.
cat: “oh, sorry. i won’t."]
[they jump down to the floor, approaching the lamp.
cat: "…but you’re okay with being called dusty?”]