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c_rberus 2nd Jan 2021, 8:01 PM edit delete
we are now in the final 4 chapters of catlamp! it was really wild to think over new year's the other day that i'll be done updating this comic before next january. thanks to anyone who has supported me so far, or reading in the future.

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[lick is finally regaining consciousness.
lick: "ugh..."]
[they open their eyes.]
[perking up, realizing something is off.
lick: "huh...?"]
[they glance around the bubble they're trapped inside.
lick: "uhh..."]
[growing angry.
lick: "who-- whatever did this, this is NOT funny!"]
[they shove down with their front paws, failing to do much.]
[they lunge forward, pinching the bubble with their teeth.]
[pop! hanging in the air, lick is surprised to find dark water underneath them.]
[they fall into the water with a SPLASH, gasping in shock.]
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