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[the lamp smiles softly.
lamp: “it’s not the worst name. i get the feeling i can’t stop you, anyway. i can’t control most things.”]
[the cat sits in front of them.
cat: “give me a stupid nickname then. we’ll be even.”]
[the lamp narrows their gaze in thought.
lamp: “hmm…"]
[the cat raises their paw and licks it, beginning to groom themself. the lamp watches, a little confused.
lamp: “…lick.”]
[the cat freezes, tongue stuck out of their mouth and paw over their head.
cat: “huh?”
lamp: “you’re licking yourself.”
cat: “yeah, i just dragged myself out a muddy grave. don’t wanna be all nasty, like you.”]
[the lamp grins.
lamp: “fine, be that way. your name’s lick now.”]
[lick sticks their tongue out at dusty.
lick: “better than being dusty!”]
[the point of view changes, looking at the two from outside the window now.
dusty: “… so…”]
Just a Reader 14th Nov 2021, 5:00 AM edit delete reply
I love 'Lick's' cheerful personality and the contrast with lamp