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c_rberus 22nd May 2021, 10:15 AM edit delete
getting my second shot soon, so here's hoping i don't get super laid up from it. in the meantime...

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[lick picks their way across the bridge, taking care not to slip into the gaps between the bars or fall through the missing chunks. it looks as if they were molten away.]
[making it to the other side, they see a gap in the wall that looks as if it was bitten out by something large. a pile of rubble spills out from the hole. past the hole is a dim light. lick's ears are perked curiously.]
[climbing up the debris. lick seems to be anticipating something.]
[walking through the gap, onto another pile of debris that seems to be quite high in the room - the top of a door is visible behind the pile. lick's shadow stretches up behind them.]
[looking straight ahead, gasping.]