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waking up?

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[lick starts to seem crestfallen, staring at dusty with ears back.]
[suddenly, a flare of light bursts from dusty's glass frame. lick perks up.]
[the light intensifies. next to dusty, a small screen on the control panel comes to life with a loud KZZZ, little sparks and bolts of electricity squirrelling around the buttons.]
[the electricity travels throughout the mysterious facility. in the little chasm where lick crawled earlier, it bounces off the wires and illuminates the bent and broken pipes around it, a BZZZZZZZZ noise following it, getting louder and louder.]
[the first room lick entered into is pitch black, and then suddenly flooded with light as the electricity arrives, powering on flourescent lights on the roof, sparks spraying down.]
[lick's eye, filled with blinding light, in awe.]
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lick b like OwO?