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c_rberus 3rd Jul 2021, 12:13 PM edit delete
this was so nice to draw :')

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[dusty is visible in their glass frame. they're grimacing as they wake up.
dusty: "ngh..."]
[they blink off exhaustion, squinting.]
[dusty's face lights up.
dusty: "lick...!"]
[they furrow a brow, looking around them.
dusty: "what... what happened? where--"]
[lick thrusts their head forward to nuzzle dusty, tears streaming down their face.
lick: "dusty!!! i... i brought you back!"]
[dusty is confused.
dusty: "brought m--... how?"]
[they notice the control panel next to them, seeming alarmed.
dusty: um, what is all this--"]
[lick holds dusty with their paws, looking at them face-to-face.
lick: "i... i think... i think this is--"]
[dusty gives them a confused look.]
[they have a moment of realization.
dusty: "wait... you can't mean--"]
[they look past lick, at the decrepit room.
dusty: "the... the tomb?! how?"]
[dusty looks down, at the circular insert they're sitting on.
dusty: "but... can it really--"]