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[lick is still crying from happiness. behind dusty, smoke can be seen trailing from the crack in their glass.
lick: "it doesn't matter, dust! we can stay here forever... we don't have to be in the dark anymore!"]
[dusty's expression changes.
dusty: "o-oh... wait. lick..."]
[they stare ahead, lost in thought.
dusty: "i'm feeling... terrible."]
[dusty looks at lick, seeming afraid.
dusty: "i'm so filled with the sense of something terrible. you have to take me off!"]
[now lick is confused.
lick: "but... we finally did it! we found it!"]
[electricity starts to crackle around dusty as they become more frantic.
dusty: "lick--it's too much! take me off now, please!"]
[lick starts to say something, clearly upset and shocked - "i--" but they pause. in the panel, next to their dialogue box, is written "I SAID NEVER AGAIN"]
[lick starts to climb on the control panel.
lick: "okay, okay! i got you--"]