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time to bounce!

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[towards the back of the room, a bright light floods in from the hole in the wall where lick emerged.]
[lick grimaces. "wha--"]
[they bristle.
lick: "oh g-d, it's hot!"]
[dusty's eyes are wide.
dusty: "lick, we have to go. NOW."]
[lick yanks them off the insert, crackles of electricity pursuing dusty's base.]
[they run towards the hole in the wall. smoke trails backward from the crack in dusty's frame.]
[lick bounds over the steel walkway in the large room, ears back.
lick: "my fur feels like it's on fire--"]
[lick's thoughts struggle against the brightness of the room -- LOUD LOUD -- as they rush across the walkway. the extremely powerful light is coming from below, from a huge hole in the floor; the steel pillars from before, surrounding the hole, seem to have melted partially at some point. bolts of electricity and the claws of white figures are spawning from the hole.]