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[lick and dusty are over the walkway and into the hall of pipes and electric wires. bleach-white claws and tentacles continue to emerge, the light growing stronger.]
[lick and dusty escaping into the first room now; the light follows them, swallowing the hallway now, dusty's dark smoke trailing backwards into it. dusty themself is watching in fear.]
[lick emerges from the tomb, but is slowing down.
lick: "*huff *huff*..."]
[lick tries to focus ahead, but their mind is fogging with exhaustion again; the panels start to waver once again.
lick: "*pant*..."]
[lick is struggling to get going as the panel fragments even more.
lick: "ngh... crap--"]
[lick is drained, mouth wide open as they heave.
dusty: "lick? what's wrong!?"]