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follow it, lick

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[lick crouches, the panel coming apart and spinning around them.
lick: "i feel... sick. the light is so loud, dusty..."]
[dusty looks at them imploringly. in the pov of the panel, dusty is centered in lick's shadow, which stretches all the way out to the dark mountains in the distance. at the corners of the panel, figures can be seen encroaching from the sky, drawn in by the light.
dusty: "just a bit further and then we can rest, okay? we gotta go!"]
[lick clenches the ground with their claws, pushing themself up. their eyes are fixed ahead.
lick: "r-right..."]
[they grab dusty and rise on their paws.]
[lick stands for a moment; dusty stares ahead, visibly nervous. some writing appears in lick's shadow:
the silence]