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[lick walks up to the desk, carrying dusty. they're looking down / up at each other as they converse. lick has an inquisitive expression, and dusty is smiling with a sarcastic twist on their face.
lick: "this doesn't feel weird to you? it's sort of… intimate."
dusty: "oh, yeah. stars forbid you grab a bro's handle too hard."
lick: "well, it's like i'm carrying a kit or something!"]
[lick, jumped up onto the toppled desk chair.
dusty: "i'm a lamp, i'm meant to be carried like this. it's only weird if you make it weird!"
lick: "what if i carry you with my tail?"]
[lick climbs onto the desk.
dusty: "then i'd have to change your name to ‘spider monkey’."]
[they carefully hang dusty back on their hook.
dusty: "ahh, much better. no thanks to you."]
[lick shoots them a glare.]
[their gaze softens, staring off at nothing in particular.
lick: “… what is this building, anyway?”]
[dusty gestures with their head behind them, at the scattering of papers on the desk. lick looks over their shoulder, lit up with curiosity.
dusty: “dunno. i haven’t left this room. maybe look at some of that garbage on the desk.”]
[lick turns to look at the papers, their shadow falling ahead of them.]
[they strain their eyes; chicken scratch writing and strange shapes fill the pages.
lick: “… …i can’t read.”]
[without turning around, lick continues to converse with dusty, still concentrating.
dusty: “i can.”
lick: “good for you.”
dusty: “no–show me one of them, dummy. i can read it.”]