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[page description & captions]

[lick and dusty are beginning to round the dark side of the mountain. dusty's smoke trails far upward, tempting the figures forward. the panels are unstable and wavy.]
[lick is struggling forward still. dusty watches the figures warily through the crack in their glass.
dusty: "here we go... just about there..."]
[lick finally makes it behind the mountain, dusty's light casting their shadow on a mound of grass. behind them, the facility's light continues to grow, irradiating the sky. eyes and teeth and tentacles swarm from the building.]
[lick walks through the grass. pit... pat...]
[an abstract panel that gradients from light to dark. the light side is wavy and fragmented, and as it gets darker it reformulates into a stable, square panel again. written in the middle is pit pat...
dusty: "hey, lick. do you see that?"]