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[lick begins walking, looking down playfully at dusty.
lick: "but none of the parts before this have been?"
dusty: "i'm just hoping that i'll eventually jinx it at this point."]
[dusty's smoke trails behind them. lick's expression turns to worry.
lick: "... i think you're a little late for that, bud."]
[dusty glances at the crack in their glass, feigning confidence.
dusty: "what, this? ... it's nothing."]
[lick steels their expression.
lick: "... it'll be okay. we'll find another way to keep you fired."]
[dusty seems upset, the crack splitting down their face from the pov.
dusty: "but if i hadn't panicked, i might've been able to get the sun under control... this is my fault."]
[lick shifts their eyes.
lick: "dust, i'm the one who wanted to find the stupid thing in the first place."]