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a reckoning.

a housekeeping update: i've finished drawing the remaining pages! from here on out i've changed the frequency of updates to EVERY saturday (still 2 pages each), and the conclusion of the comic is officially set to be new year's!! enjoy the rest of catlamp <3

[page description & captions]

[dusty is shocked.
dusty: "you REGRET it?"]
[lick averts their eyes sadly.
lick: "... i don't know. what do i know? about the sun, about anything? i thought i wanted to know..."]
[dusty seems morose.]
[a closeup of lick's paws walking as the corridor's incline changes, becoming level with the ground. the panel is wobbly again.]
[further out, a cross-section of the earth; lick and dusty are walking through the corridor, while directly above in the ground white figures are snaking through the earth.]
[a series of panels that are heavily fragmented due to lick's fatigue. the first is a view from lick's perspective, staring directly into the tunnel ahead.]
[the next panel is a gradient of light to dark, with dusty's smoke trailing across.
dusty: "...lick. thank you."]
[the last panel is lick, jolted out of their daze.
lick: "huh--"]