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[dusty is looking up at lick regretfully.
dusty: "i haven't said that phrase this whole trip. not once. so... thank you. for trying to save me."]
[lick seems touched, but also regretful.
lick: "i owed you one, anyway."]
[dusty scowls.
dusty: "no. i messed up."]
[they look down sadly.
dusty: "i'm sorry. i should've tried to understand you more."]
[lick grimaces.
lick: "i mean, i... i abandoned you. and i've been... a lot."]
[dusty smiles softly. "we've, mutually, been a lot."]
[lick grins silently.]
[the pair pauses, both seeming intrigued.
dusty: "oh, up ahead--"]
[at the end of the corridor is another of the doors. at the bottom left sits another circular pedestal.
dusty: "...there it is again."]