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a tomb that houses the sun

[page description & captions]

[lick grabs dusty off their handle, a barely-contained grin on their face. dusty looks at them bewildered.
dusty: “hey, w–”]
[THUD! lick whips around and drops dusty on their side, right over the papers.]
[dusty seems exasperated.
dusty: “…thanks.”]
[dusty turns their attention immediately below them. the page they can see seems to depict the building with simple labelled shapes, a rectangle and a circle with lines spreading outward described only as "cables"; another has journal entries of some sort scrawled on, with incomprehensible dates and references littering the paragraphs.
dusty: “… this one looks like a map.”
lick: “kind of a cruddy map.”]
[a close-up of dusty's face, focused on the writing. lick is trying to see from directly overhead.
dusty: “seems this is a watertower. it may have also functioned as some sort of outpost.”
lick: “outpost? but for what?”]
[lick's tail is curled around dusty as they continue describing the pages' contents.
dusty: “there’s some journals here, too. something about… ‘a tomb that houses the sun’?”]
[lick perks up, something evidently clicking in their mind.
lick: “oh! well, if the sun is stuck somewhere… i should be able to come across it eventually if i just walk!”]