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no going back.

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[dusty becomes anxious.
dusty: "why am i the one that has to open everything...?"]
[they both approach slowly.
dusty: "am i supposed to know what's going on?"]
[lick pads closer.
lick: "well... we can't go back."]
[dusty seems antsy as lick lowers them into the circle.]
[click! whhhhrrrr... the big, circular knob on the door begins to turn.]
[the door swings open.]
[lick pauses, the corridor walls bright from dusty's light reflecting off them. their shadow is cast on the wall beside them, dusty's smoke floating off behind them.]
[lick takes a step past the door.]
[from behind now, lick is walking into an extremely dark area; it's impossible to tell right away what's ahead.]