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[dusty looks ahead anxiously at the darkness, mouth open.]
[they keep walking to an edge in the ground; it seems like it drops off into some kind of expanse below.
dusty: "oh, lick--there."]
[lick turns their head.]
[to their left is a path that juts out from the raw, rocky wall of the cave, spiralling down.]
[they start down the path. the panel is fragmented.]
[dusty seems preoccupied. the fragmentation disappears.
dusty: "lick?"]
[lick, seeming tired. the panel is heavily broken apart.
lick: "yeah, dusty?"]
[a wisp from lick's panel coalesces into the crack in dusty's glass in the next panel.
dusty: "...do i make you sick, like that light makes you sick?"]
[back to lick. they're silent for a second, staring straight ahead.]
[lick finally speaks.
lick: "...no, i don't think so."]
[dusty looks at lick.
dusty: "... if i did, you would tell me... right?:]
[a panel from lick's point of view, seeing the descending path straight ahead. their vision is still fragmented.
lick: "...yeah."]