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[from the fog, faceless humanoid figures start to form, standing up and facing them both.]
[lick snarls. dusty seems resigned.
dusty: "...this really is the part, isn't it..."]
[lick shouts, their teeth bared.
lick: "NO! i'm not letting you go again--"]
[suddenly, lick is hit with exhaustion. the panel breaks apart.
lick: "ugh--"]
[they crumble to the ground, dusty watching in despair.
no, not yet...]
[a heavily fragmented panel shows the white figures closing in, reaching in toward them.
dusty: "lick?? lick, please--"
no no no NO NO NO NO]
[the fog and the hands grasp onto lick's legs and fur. they can barely put up a resistance.]
[dusty: "LICK!"]
VulpesLogos 16th Oct 2021, 3:39 PM edit delete reply
Love how your panel breaks close in like the jaws in the beggining.