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uh oh...

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["rumble..." lightning flashes between the clouds above.]
["CRASH!" a white bolt strikes the house.]
[the lightning briefly bleaches the inside; lick jumps back, fur on end.
lick: "...holy CRAP."]
[something sparks where the lightning struck, and smoke trickles into the air.]
[a peculiar shape--almost that of a bright white tentacle--forms from the fire, and a strange ivory goop slips down the wall, approaching the window in dusty's room.]
[BANG! lick is staring at the window, eyes wide and ears back. dusty is shouting at lick frantically; their view of the window is blocked by the bottom of their frame because of how they're oriented on the desk.
dusty: "what? what's going on?? i can't see from here!"]
[lick gasps. dusty panics even more
dusty: "what?! show me!"]