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[a bit of white fog remains on the ground.]
[lick's giant paw stepping down, dispersing it.]
[lick, back as their normal form, leaps out from the paw in a billow of clouds.
lick: "DUSTY!"]
[dusty is on the ground, their glass shattered. fragments lay in front of them, smoke pouring out from them.
dusty: "lick... you came back..."]
[lick stops, tearful. the massive crack splits down the middle of the panel.
lick: "dusty... you're--"]
[dusty struggles to speak.
dusty: "lick... you need to go. you're going to die out here."]
[lick unsheathes their claws.
lick: "please don't... you know i can't leave you. i promised i'd never do that again."]
[lick stands in front of dusty, crestfallen, smoke billowing upward.
dusty: "i'm so glad i ever met you. but i think this is the end for me..."]