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this is where the pages started to hurt to draw, lmao

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[lick is frantic.
lick: "but i can keep you aflame! the tomb is right there, if we just give it one more shot--"]
[dusty: "lick, look at us. we're in ruins. besides... i'm the one who started this whole mess."]
[lick: "but i didn't listen to you! i left you, and i made us crash!"]
[dusty: "because i wouldn't give you a chance. we both had a hand in this, in different ways."]
[the panel breaks apart as lick likewise breaks down.
lick: "i was the one who wanted to find this place..."]
[lick hunched over dusty, contrasted against the massive teeth and tentacles in the sky.
dusty: "who can blame you, though? isn't it second nature to want a light on when it's dark? just sometimes... that light burns out on you... and you have to adapt."]
[lick shouts angrily.
lick: "i CAN'T, dusty! you're the last thing that's real, PLEASE, if we just--"]
[dusty is still calm.
dusty: "it's done, lick. i'm dying, bud. it's too dangerous. you need to accept that it's not what it seems."]