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[lick seems defeated, the panel still fragmented.
dusty: "and now that you know what you know, about the light... what will you do?"
lick: "what... *wheeze* what CAN i do...?"]
[now dusty is shouting.
dusty: "GO! get out of here! the sun's killing you! i'm killing you! why won't you see that?!"]
[lick hacks, fur falling from their shoulder.
lick: "i...--*cough* *wheeze*"]
[dusty tones down again.
dusty: "please, just go. please... you're dying, lick..."]
[lick is sobbing as dusty becomes more exhausted.
dusty: "... i'm sorry for everything."]
[a close-up on the glass fragments between them both.
dusty: "some light i turned out to be... please don't make yourself watch this... close your eyes, okay?"]
[lick pauses, looking down at their tear-stained paws and the broken glass.]
[they close their eyes.]