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[lick hooks their paw around dusty, pushing them upward.]
[dusty stares at the far window. just beyond are the lightning-white beings; a pair of disembodied teeth and some tentacles.
dusty: "w-- what on earth...?!"
[closer up on the monsters; more seem to be forming from the fire by the second.]
[white flames start to leak from the roof.
dusty: "the ceiling! lick, look!"]
[fire and more teeth and tentacles bleed through the wood panel floor. dusty and lick are atop the desk, staring in horror.]
[lick grabs dusty's handle.
lick: "we've gotta go!"]
[lick gives a mighty leap from the desk, just as slime and appendages crash down upon it. dusty is taken off guard by the sudden movement.
dusty: "AHH--"]