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[lick haring down the hallway, dusty flying behind them as they grip their handle. the strange beings force the door open in hot pursuit.
lick: "what are those things?!"
dusty: "they're like... figures?!"]
[lick screeches to a stop in front of the staircase. the inertia flings dusty forward, and lick nearly drops them.
dusty: "hey--watch it!"
lick: "sorry!"]
[lick jumping down the staircase.]
[at the bottom of the staircase, tail trailing behind; the figures rush clumsily down the upper stairs.]
[lick trying to squeeze through the hole in the front door, dusty's light casting a long shadow of their tail across the wall of the foyer. just barely beyond their shadow, the figures rear up, about to strike them, their fiery energy spilling between the stairs and demolishing the building.
dusty: "hurry!!"
lick: "i'm *trying*!"]
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Toe beans
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