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a moment of refuge

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[on the outside, lick is digging into the porch with their claws. they're glancing over their shoulder in a grimace. dusty seems frantic.
lick: "CRAP-- my fur!"]
[a lock of their fur is stuck in a splintered edge of the door's hole.]
[they finally yank themselves free, leaving some fur behind.
lick: "OW!"]
[they soar from the porch, onto the grass. smoke is pouring up from the building.]
[they pause a few yards away, looking back at the watertower house. lick's mouth is parted slightly as they pant, and dusty is in awe.
lick: "holy crap..."]
[the building is now bursting with white flames, creeping up the side and around the back.
dusty: "...will they follow us out?"]