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forced leap of faith

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[lick running down the hill with dusty. lick's shadow drags behind them, touching the figures and the water which are close behind. a rocky outcrop can be seen further down.
dusty: "i saw on the map there's a cave further down! maybe we can lose them in--"]
[lick's paws stepping on gravel.]
[the gravel gives way under lick's paw, and their leg buckles.
lick: "crap!!"]
[lick slipping onto their stomach.]
[they start rolling down the hill out of control, dusty bouncing around inside of the lamp.]
[a close-up of lick's face, teeth gritted, looking down the hill.]
[the rocks at the bottom of the hill are fast approaching, and it becomes apparent that the rocks are the edge of a cliff.
lick: "oh-- no, no, NO--"]
[lick's head collides with the boulder. dusty flies out of their grasp.
dusty: "LICK!"]
[lick bounces over the rocks, falling down the cliff. dusty flies at an angle further away. the water and figures are fast on their tail.]