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[a view of the figures, riding the water out to dusty. a pair of ivory eyes stares threateningly back, as if daring lick to brave the water.]
[lick looks at the cave again.]
[glancing back behind them, ears back, sadness in their face.]
[lick closes their eyes, facing forward again. text in the panel reads:
"...i have to find the sun... as soon as possible."]
[they suddenly open their eyes, ears perked, as if startled.]
[they focus their gaze forward, determined.]
[their paws, taking the first step forward.]
[a view of them from behind, dragging their paws into the dark, vast cave.]
[from in front, the gradient of the sky fading into darkness as it reaches the cave's lips. lick's face is focused but afraid, willing themself to keep going.]