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what's this...

[page description & captions]

[more scrawled writing, which abruptly ends in lick's paw colliding with something standing upright. writing reads:
"none of this makes any sense--"]
[lick, testing their paw against the vertical surface.]
[lick looking upwards, focusing their eyes.]
[a huge train sits in front of them, with a front locomotive unit and multiple passenger units leading offpanel. there are three pairs of windows to each passenger unit, and one of them on lick's side is open.
lick: "oh, wow..."]
[lick staring upward, mouth agape.]
[their paws rushing, walking over to the passenger unit.]
[lick, sitting on top of raised rocks, wiggles their haunches.]
[they jump.]
[they pull themselves up successfully onto a rectangular protrusion.
lick: "oof..."]
[their paws reach up for a protruding trim, which will enable them to climb onto the passenger windowsill.]