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[from inside the cart, a view of the window.
lick: "oof... huff..."]
[lick clambers onto the window, their face and paw visible inside the cart now. they peer to their left.]
[from lick's view, down the length of the passenger units. in each cart matched with the windows are three pairs of wooden benches that hug the sides in rows, leaving a middle empty aisle for walking. the carts interior walls are lined with wooden panels. the passenger carts continue down into darkness, too far for lick to discern.]
[lick swivels their head the other way, to their right.]
[immediately ahead of the first passenger cart is the entrance to the engine room.]
[lick, jumped down onto the bench, looks into the engine room.]
[they creep cautiously through the doorway, belly hugging the floor.]
[a small view of the engine room; various buttons and things are visible on the control panel at the far end. lick gazes curiously ahead.
lick: "but... how...?"]