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when there's a will, there's a way

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[lick walking through the control room, looking around in wonder. various buttons and inputs can be seen on the far control panel, in front of a wide front windshield.]
[their paws picking over the control panel, a hind leg stepping on a peculiar circular imprint.]
[they stand on the dashboard, looking up around them again.
lick: "if only i could get this running..."]
[a far-away view of the front of the train. lick is looking out of the wide front window, their head tiny as an ant.
lick: "...there's gotta be some way to get this moving."]
[lick turns back around, kneeling to look at the buttons and switches. their face is determined.
lick: "i *have* to do this."]
[a series of shots of them frantically triggering anything they can on the panel, their expression furrowed.
lick: "please, please, let *something* work--"]
[their paws find a two-legged lever, and they push on it until a "click!" sounds.]