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be careful what you wish for!

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[writing next to the panel reads "crrreeeaaak..."; lick's eyes are narrowed, suddenly skeptical.
lick: "... uhh--"]
[a view of the train's front wheel. "crrrrrrrrrr--"]
["-CRASH!" the train jerks forward, the wheel moving forward in the panel.]
[lick falls onto the lever.
lick: "OOF--"]
[lick, forelegs draped over the lever. they perk up cautiously.
lick: "okay... okay! now we're getting somewhere--"]
[BANG! the train lurches again, disturbing some gravel around it.]
[this time the sudden movement launches lick off of the dashboard.
lick: "AAAH--"]
[they twist around in mid-air.]
[landing on the floor, their tail puffed out.]
["screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." the train continues slipping, gradually gaining speed, dislodging more gravel as it moves.
lick: "oh, what have i done..."]