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[lick is climbing back into an open window of the train, already halfway inside. dusty's light casts lick's shadow out across the water, out towards where the figures are encroaching.]
[standing on the doorway to the front engine room, which is sideways because of the train being toppled; they're staring at the circular input on the dashboard. the circle is glowing brightly now. immediately outside of the windshield, ivory tentacles slither up the window.
lick: "...huh."]
[a view of lick from the dashboard, still standing on the doorway's edge. they're staring curiously at the circle.
lick: "is that because of you...?"]
[lick, now standing on the raised wall at one end of the dashboard. they wiggle their haunches, staring up at the glowing circle.]
[lick, now mid-jump. on the other side of the dashboard, figures follow dusty's light upward, even though they can't get to them through the window.]
[lick scrambling to get a grip, hanging by their forepaws on the bottom of the circle.]
[they strain to maneuver their head so they can lift dusty up to the input, teeth gritted as lick pulls them upward.]
[lick manages to lift dusty up and sit the base of their frame inside the input.]
[click! they give one last push, successfully inserting dusty.]