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hi dusty!

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[a huge panel, viewed from in front of and above the train. at the top is the dark sky, clouds framing the still-smoldering watertower building at the top of the hill. further down the hill is the dead tree where lick's grave was. the water from the building is still spilling downward, slowly dropping over the cliff. the cave and the pond of water sit at the bottom of the cliff, left behind by the train. the train is suspended a couple of stories in the air as it moves along away from the hill, over the grassy fields that span outward.
dusty: "... ugh..."]
[lick sits terrified next to dusty on the dashboard, their eyes barely peeking out over the bottom of the window. their eyes are wide in shock. dusty's face slowly comes into being again as they awaken.]
[dusty, eyes opening slowly.
dusty: "what... what on earth is going on?"]