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c_rberus 17th Aug 2019, 10:00 AM edit delete
we're over 1/4 into the comic now! hope everyone's excited!

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[lick and dusty sitting on the dashboard of the train, facing each other as they talk. dusty seems disoriented.
dusty: "oh you're... lick, right?"
lick: "apparently so."
dusty: "what happened? we were running, and then you tripped..."]
[lick stiffens.
lick: "uhhh... w-well, y-you blacked out, so..."]
[lick struggles to think.
lick: "after we fell, i saw the train. just inside the cave. i saw it and those... things were coming for us fast, so..."]
[dusty narrows their eyes, clearly picking up on lick's anxiety. lick tries to pull it together.
lick: "and that weird circle exactly your size was glowing, so i figured hey, it was meant to be. ...probably part of some prophecy we were meant to come upon."]
[dusty's expression softens at the quip.
dusty: "a shame. i'm sure there's an overarching meaning to this that'll now be lost on us in an act of dramatic irony."]
[lick relaxes, returning dusty's gaze.]
[a view of the train, chugging along in mid-air over the grassy plains. mountains and clouds are barely visible in the distance.
lick: "...so... you're good with all of this? like... coming along?"
dusty: "i'd like to find some answers, too. you wanted to find the sun, right? how do we know where we're going?"]