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[lick tucks their paws underneath them, staring out through the front window. dusty is looking at lick, somewhat concerned.
lick: "i dunno. i mean, it couldn't have gone. if it's being contained, we'll meet it eventually."
dusty: "but how far do we go, lick?"
lick: "as far as it takes."]
[dusty looks at lick, frowning slightly, but they drop the conversation.]
[the two sit in silence, both looking out at the rolling fields and the distant mountains.]
[closer up on lick, who seems zoned out. the far right of the panel is breaking apart into little segments.]
[lick, head starting to dip, their eyes drooping. the panel breaks down further.]
[their head falls further.]
[finally laying their head on their paws, eyes closed. the panel is completely broken apart.]
[a fragmented fog of black bubbles. toward the bottom, text reads "... can't sleep..."]