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[page description & captions]

[a panel of fragmented black bubbles. writing at the top says "...? did dusty say something?"]
[the fragments continue down the page a bit, opening up into a big, white puff of smoke. inside the smoke, messy writing reads "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?"]
[lick shoots up, eyes wide open.
lick (in their thoughts): "what?"
dusty: "lick? lick, snap out of it."]
[lick sits up, rubbing their eye with a paw.
lick: "uh... sorry. i'm... here."
dusty: "hey, welcome back fuzzface. look outside."]
[looking through the windshield, tall, sheer mountains flank the train on either side.
lick: "whoa."
dusty: "yeah."
[zoomed out from the train, chugging along in mid-air through the valley.
lick: "...how long have we been going?"
dusty: "at least a few hours."]
[lick is shocked, ears back.
lick (thinking): "hours?"]
[they squeeze their eyes shut, and then open them again. they stare blankly out the window.]
[a view of the train's front wheel spinning busily, the sheer cliff faces a bit close for comfort.
lick: "um... can we steer the train at all?"]