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trains are hard man

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[dusty replies dryly.
dusty: "i dunno. trains don't really have turning controls because they're supposed to, y'know. be on a track."
lick: "well..."]
[a panel showing the train floating over the craggy ground, demonstrating the lack of tracks.]
[lick seems thoughtful, paw held up to their chin.
lick: "...what if *you're* supposed to turn the train?"]
[dusty scoffs.
dusty: "that's silly. you think i can steer thousands of pounds of metal with, what? magic lamp powers?"
lick: "your 'magic lamp powers' started this box. maybe if you just believed in yourself hard enough..."
dusty: "alright, stop. now you're just being ridicu--"
[CRASH! the train suddenly veers into the rock face on the right, sparks flying.]
[a horrible SCRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR noise pierces the air as the train grinds against the cliff.
lick: "what-- what just happened?!"]
[dusty is frantic.
dusty: "i don't know! i just thought about turning and it--"]
[the train gently turns back toward the middle of the valley.
dusty: "--okay. see? it's okay."]