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[dusty is nervously looking at lick.
dusty: "uh! um... sorry, it-- it was helping me stay focused."]
[lick closes their eyes and smiles disarmingly.
lick: "choo choo!"]
[dusty relaxes, grinning appreciatively.]
[lick sits up, looking outside the windshield.
lick: "attention, passengers! welcome aboard the vehicle of... team catlamp!"
dusty: "next stop, uh... niflheim, i guess?"]
[a view of the mountains outside, caked in bright snow.
lick: "niflheim is right. you aren't cold?"
dusty: "nope. it's not like i have a nervous system to speak of."
lick: "oh... i guess that makes sense."]
[lick walks over to be closer to dusty.
dusty: "i don't need one! i'm already always nervous."
lick: "well, i never denied that."]
[looking up at where the windshield ends at the roof of the cab unit, frost is forming at the edge of the window.
lick: "wow. it's REALLY cold."]