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[the cat's legs wobble as they walk.]
[they finally buckle, collapsing on their side, teeth gritted.]
[further up the hill is a two-story building, the source of the light. it seems rickety, built entirely of wood and a shoddy, sheet metal roof. there are two long windows on the second floor, the one to the left more illuminated than the other. below them is an awning that shields a porch, with a double door leading inside and a couple of steps up to the porch. two pillars support the awning. there is a pipe that runs up the side of the building. to the right and behind the building is a large container supported on thin scaffolding.]
[the cat opens their eyes slightly. looking up, they gaze in front of them, exhausted.]
[lightning flashes, illuminating the hill and the mountains in the distance. the cat is tiny in front of the unsettling structure.]