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[a view from outside of the valley, of the side of the mountains. the mountains peaks are getting lower towards the end of the panel.]
[further along the valley, the train submerges from the mountains as they dip down into the ground. just beyond the valley further to the right are a few small, skinny, bare trees.]
[the train is almost fully out of the valley. there are more trees just ahead that are very tall and huge (like redwoods), with snow splattered on some of the trunks.]
[a view of just above the train; the trees surround the cab unit, ascending into the sky until they're out of dusty's light. snow bleaches the long, barren trunks. white pairs of disembodied canine teeth float just in the penumbra of the light, weaving through the treetops.]
[the teeth begin to surround the train from the bottom, nipping at the frame and the wheels.]
[with every bite from the jaws, ivory ice spreads onto the steel, slowly freezing the train.
lick: "...are we slowing down?"]