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[page description & captions]

[crrreeeaaak... the train slows down, dipping downward due to the loss of momentum. icicles spread downward from its shell.]
[icicles and frost almost completely take over the front wheels, forcing them to stop.]
[the train dips onto the ground, landing in the thick, bright snow.
dusty: "...uh oh."]
[a close-up on dusty and lick inside of the cab unit. they're both staring outside nervously, lick's ears pointed backward. the huge trees stand tall like snow-covered pillars, and white fangs are hiding behind them just out of sight of lick & dusty.
dusty: "uh... what now?"
lick: "well, we should... check the exterior. right?"
dusty: "ok, good idea. just don't take too long out there."]
[lick is looking at dusty, mildly confused. dusty is anxious.
lick: "what? you're coming, you know."
dusty: "aww, but... it's so cliché! we don't know what's out there..."
lick: "i need you so i can see what's wrong, dummy."]
[lick, picking up dusty by their handle.
lick: "what else are we gonna do?"
dusty: "ugh... fine. let's just make this quick."]
[lick, stepping up on the windowsill in one of the passenger unit's open windows, dusty in tow. they're staring out into the forest. the trees dwarf them, shooting up around the train.]
[an ant's eye view of the trees, towering high up until they can't be seen anymore. outlines of sparse foliage can be seen very far up, and patches of snow dot branches and parts of the trunks.]