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c_rberus 12th Oct 2019, 10:00 AM edit delete
dont have much for a witty caption rn as it's late when i'm scheduling this 😔 enjoy the end of chapter 4!

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[an overhead view of lick, having jumped down from the train, trudging through the snow. their footsteps betray their path, their shadow cutting through the ivory floor of snow behind them. a couple of stray pairs of fangs follow them from just off-panel.]
[the locomotive unit of the train partially submerged in the snow bank. its metallic shell is overgrown with white icicles and sheets of frost.
dusty: "wow... i wasn't serious about the whole niflheim thing earlier, but..."]
[lick stands with dusty in their grasp, both staring worryingly at the train. behind them, encroaching on lick's shadow is a massive bleach-white figure, a pair of jaws with amorphous clawed legs and many, many teeth.
lick: "someone had to discover it eventually, i guess. what are we gonna do?"
dusty: "i don't know..."]
[a sideview of the figure, jaws parted. lick's tail swishes temptingly within reach.]
[the figure shuts its teeth right on the tip of lick's tail. lick puffs up, jumping in shock, dropping dusty in the process.
lick: "OW-!!"
dusty: "HEY-!"]
[lick whips around, furious.
lick: "who the-"]
[lick pauses, anger giving way to confusion. all that is left to suggest that something was there is a puff of white smoke, floating up into the pillar-trees all around.]