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[lick then turns to look at their tail, which has iced over from the creature's bite. dusty is unaware of what happened, still submerged in the snow.
dusty: "lick, what the CRAP."]
[lick grabs dusty's top with their paw, lifting them up.
lick: "dusty-"]
[having pushed dusty upward, they curl their tail within view. dusty is shocked.
dusty: "... oh, stars..."]
[lick and dusty sit side-by-side in front of the cold train, surrounded by washed-out snow.
dusty: "we... have to get out of here. ...but i don't think we can get it to move like this. it's cliche, but..."]
[lick, somewhat nonchalant, glances over at dusty.
lick: "yeah, yeah. let's just get ourselves killed the old-fashioned way."
dusty: "glad we're on the same page."]
[lick and dusty break eye contact as lick walks over to pick them back up. fear creeps onto their faces.]
[lick hoists dusty up. lick is staring off ahead, ears to the side, and dusty is glancing around anxiously.]